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BROUGH SUPERIOR  3 cylinder side valve


The BS3 engine was designed for George Brough by Granville Bradshaw and was tested in a Brough Dream frame by works test rider Freddy Stevenson.

As the factory were involved in many other projects the bike never went into production. When the Brough factory closed the engine was given to Mr Terry Ball who was Managing Director at that time.

It eventually was passed on to his son who has been a life long Brough enthusiast and worked at the Brough factory as a boy to earn pocket money. He became a very good friend of George Brough.

He has great knowledge of Brough motorcycles and has restored the BS3 engine and fitted it into a chassis as close as possible to the Dream chassis. The engine now runs very well and is mounted to a Sunbeam gearbox and final drive.

The engine is featured in the book ‘The Rolls Royce of Motorcycles‘ and there is works correspondence stating that the engine was tested in the Dream frame and ridden by Freddy Stevenson.


The motorcycle is now for sale and can be sold with or without a very interesting collection of items from the factory along with others that were given to Mr Ball by George Brough. Details can be downloaded HERE.


Price:  Please contact George