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George Beale's New Book On Sale

George Beale's much anticipated new book, detailing his famous work building 10 replicas of the Honda Six and the journey that surrounded it, is on sale now.

World Record

1930 Brough Superior SS100
Most Expensive SS100 Brough Ever Sold
Sold For £416,250
SS100.JPG Project.JPG
59 Old Bill.jpg

'Old Bill'

1922 Brough Superior SS80
Sold For £291,200

Brough 4

1932 Brough Superior BS4
Sold For £246,000
Brough 4 -2.jpg

With a career that spans over 50 years in the motorcycle industry George Beale is a world renowned specialist in classic motorcycles. George now puts his skills towards providing Buying, Selling and Valuation services to the public.

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